Carlsberg Brewery Leads Beer Campaign

Carlsberg Brewery is leading a campaign by the British beer industry to celebrate the best of the brewing industry. The campaign has a TV ad campaign surrounding the enjoyment of beer titled, “Let There Be Beer.”

Simon Cox, from Let There Be Beer, said to The Northampton Chronicle & Echo, “There is an ever more diverse selection of beers available in our pubs and on supermarket shelves. We’ve seen the emergence of a more discerning beer drinker, a growth in micro-breweries, as well as increased availability of beer brands from all around the UK and the world. Two decades ago there were around 2,000 brands of beer on sale in the UK compared to more than 5,000 on sale today.

“Let There Be Beer is about instilling a passion for beer in the nation’s hearts and remind the nation why beer is our best-loved drink. But for many, beer simply means pints of warm, flat lager. That couldn’t be further from reality.”


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