Cardonna Named CFO, CAO at Schlafly

The Saint Louis Brewery, makers of Schlafly Beer, announced the appointment of Fran Caradonna as both chief financial officer and chief administrative officer for the largest locally-owned craft brewery in St. Louis. Caradonna has over 25 years of experience in the craft beer industry, most recently serving as the general manager for O’Fallon Brewery. In her new role, she will manage all companywide financials and accounting for the Saint Louis Breweryä as well as oversee daily administrative operations.

In her tenure, Fran Caradonna was co-founder and vice president of The Signature Beer Company, one of Schlafly’s first wholesalers, as well as co-founder and chief executive officer of O’Fallon Brewery. With immense experience in growing beer brands, Caradonna will be a welcomed asset to Schlafly Beer’s executive team.

“We are extremely thrilled to have Fran join the Schlafly Beer family,” says Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board Tom Schlafly. “Her acute understanding of the beer business will be an invaluable resource to our team, and we are confident that her guidance will ensure Schlafly Beer’s success for the next 28 years and beyond.”

As new acting CFO and CAO, Caradonna will lead and develop the accounting and human resources departments of Schlafly Beer. She will be responsible for the company’s budget and other financial performance metrics as well as add a strategic vision to the everyday processes of the brewery. Caradonna contributed to the St. Louis area’s craft beer expansion in her previous roles. At The Signature Beer Company, the wholesaler acquired and launched several national craft beers in the St. Louis area. Caradonna built the company for success through raising capital for expansion and management of all financials. In 2000, Fran co-founded O’Fallon Brewery with her former husband, Tony, and helped build several award-winning brands over 10 years, with sales and production around 6,400 barrels in 2010.

She explains her excitement to join the Schlafly Beer team. “Schlafly Beer served as a barometer of success for us when we started O’Fallon Brewery so it’s very exciting to join the team here,” says Caradonna. “I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the craft beer legacy that Schlafly continues to build in St. Louis and throughout the region.”

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