Can Your Brewery Capitalize on Pokemon Go?

Let me start out by stating that I’m not jumping onto the Pokemon Go article bandwagon. Well, not like many of the articles I’ve read.

However, as soon as my brother — you should note that he’s over 25 — explained the concept behind the game my mind started churning. I immediately realized the opportunity here for businesses with physical locations — mainly breweries.

Now, this article couldn’t have been possible when Pokemon was first introduced to its young audience, but like many things in life, the user/consumer has matured and people playing are now revisiting their youth are also able to enjoy your wonderful craft beer.

pokemon go

Craft brewers don’t typically struggle to get customers through the doors, but just like any other establishment, days fluctuate and downtime exists. So, in lieu of the downtime concept my mind went to Pokemon Go, and yours should too.

Don’t think of this as some strange gimmick. You’re not the gimmick, but rather Pokemon is. They’ve gotten people up moving like never before. Now you simply need to draw them into your tap room and convert them to drink.

I saw a sign earlier this week on Facebook that stated Pokemon were for paying customers only. I thought this concept was genius. But what would be even more genius is a continual post from the brewery and taproom concerning the type of Pokemon within your walls. Pair these up with a pint or flight and you’ve got yourself a home run.

While this will probably only last for a limited amount of time, imagine the tours you could host: “See Our Brewery, Catch Pokemon”, “Grab a Pint and Pikachu”. The ideas are endless.

Let’s just face it, there are a lot of us nerds out there that enjoy games and craft beers. Why not utilize the marketing opportunity right in front of you to draw in your customers and gain some new ones while you’re at it?

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