Call to Arms Releases Oh My Gatos Mexican Lager & More Like Bore-O-Phyll Fresh-ish Hopped IPA

As Colorado’s Front Range begins transitioning toward warmer weather, Call to Arms Brewing is embracing the shifting of the seasons with a pair of refreshing releases. This week, the Denver-based brewery releases “Oh My Gatos” Mexican Lager, as well as the return of their award-winning Fresh-ish Hopped West Coast IPA, More “Like Bore-O-Phyll”.

After debuting as a draft-only release last year, “Oh My Gatos” quickly became one of the brewery’s fastest-selling lagers and returns this week for the first time in both the draft and 16oz four-pack canned format.

Brewed with 40% flaked maize, 60% pilsner malt, and a house Mexican Lager yeast, Oh My Gatos features notes of cornbread, as well as subtle hop-derived fruit esters aimed to impart citrus-y lime characteristics. The result is a crisp, clean, crushable lager built for warmer days.

“Over the years, we’ve found a tremendous amount of success with the diverse styles that make up our Lager series, and last year’s release of Oh My Gatos became an instant crowd favorite,” said Call to Arms Brewing founder, Chris Bell. “This year, we decided to double down on this release with cans of Oh My Gatos because we really enjoyed how bright, refreshing, and crushable this beer came out.”

Also returning this week is a special spring release of More Like Bore-O-Phyll, a Fresh-ish Hopped West Coast IPA. While typically released in September during the autumn fresh hop season, the Call to Arms team vacuum sealed and froze a portion of their 2021 fresh hop yield of Cascade hops to use in a limited spring release.

The gold medal winner of the 2018 World Beer Cup, More Like Bore-O-Phyll features a bright burst of citrus notes followed by a dank grassy hop profile through the use of frozen Cascade fresh hops, and finishes dry to the taste.

“While fresh hop beers are technically reserved for the fall, for the past two years we’ve enjoyed revisiting the bright dank profile associated with the style in a limited springtime release,” said Bell. “By freezing a portion of our fresh hop harvest, we’re able to preserve the integrity of those hops, which allows for a special encore.”

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