California To Call October 10 ‘National Black Brewers Day’

Earlier this week, the California State Senate, led by Senator Steven Bradford, voted unanimously to approve a resolution from the National Black Brewers Association to create a National Black Brewers Day. The resolution looks to:

  • Create an annual celebration of Black brewers in America on October 10
  • Establish National Black Brewers Day in 10 jurisdictions across the country
  • Promote the legacy of Theodore “Ted” Mack Sr., who became the first Black brewery owner when he purchased People’s Brewing Company in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on October 10, 1970

Currently, less than 1% of craft breweries in the US are owned by African Americans. The National Black Brewers Association was founded earlier this year by former NBA player and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson to promote the Black brewing community, increase the number of African Americans in the brewing industry at all levels, exercise political influence by developing and advocating for effective policy, and foster understanding about the history and legacy of African American brewing in the United States.

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