Does Buying Local Really Matter?

I will start with this. Yes buying local matters in some cases. Of course I am going to buy a local brewery’s beer in my city versus a big national brand every time. That is just how I am and the brewing community is as well when it comes to ancillary services regarding their brewery.

What I want to know is: does it matter regarding the business sense for your brewery? In our case for the insurance for the craft brewing industry that is a line that you as an owner need to consider jumping over. If you are working with an agency that is local, but doesn’t specialize or know how to insure a craft brewery properly, then you need to throw that buy local crap right out the window.

In most cases insurance can be a boring topic and you have so many other things to worry about. You think you are covered, or your agent put you with a carrier that has a “brewery program.” But in our case, you need to think again. We see it weekly and it is a little frightening if you were to ask me. This industry is unique and you need to have someone who focuses on your business and being the person who you can trust to insure things properly. Shit can hit the fan fast if you don’t have a specialist working with you.

I will say there are some good companies out there that have a craft brewery insurance program that have been well thought out and implemented. That is only half the battle if the individual that put that in place for you has no idea what is going on in the back of the house. Again, I do support the buy local model and I always will, but there are times where you need someone that has the experience and expertise when it comes to protecting your business, even if it means his cute little office isn’t around the corner.

This is just me voicing my opinion, but it can be frustrating when a business is shut down due to the lack of knowledge or experience on insuring it properly. I would love your feedback and opinion on this sexy topic. No matter your location, we can be a huge benefit and stress reliever for the brewery. Please feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns as we want to protect this industry from the things that can destroy your life you have built around that wonderful liquid we call craft beer.

Our agency currently writes insurance for the craft brewing industry in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois, North Carolina, Colorado and Washington. But we are national and growing and can handle clients in any state. We look forward to talking with more of you all from the craft beer world and please continue to follow our blogs.


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