Buoy Beer Releases Vienna Lager in 16oz Cans

Buoy Beer Company’s latest Lager Series release, Vienna Lager, is the last beer that was canned in their original building prior to a partial collapse.

While the partial building collapse still affects its normal brewery operations, Buoy Beer is pushing forward to keep the shelves stocked and continue releasing the year-round and seasonal beers they have planned. This year marks the inaugural year of the Lager Series and Vienna Lager is the second release; it will be followed by two more styles this year.

“A dark beer for dark times… I mean summertime,” said Matt Jones, Head Brewer. “Vienna Lager is malty up front with a bit of black licorice and a clean pallet-quenching dryness on the finish. Inspired by Vienna lagers from Mexico, it’s made with a blend of Pilsner and Vienna malt and is perfect for sitting around a campfire or a grill.”

Vienna Lager embodies a classic Austrian-style lager and embraces the Mexican adaptations of the style. This lager is brewed with Vienna and Pilsen malts, cold-fermented, then lagered for five weeks and bittered with Magnum and Saphir hops.

“Vienna lagers have long been a favorite of mine,” said Toby Armstrong, Lead Brewer. “The malt profile makes this style rich and satisfying without pushing the alcohol too high. Our Vienna Lager pours a deep amber color, with sweet aromas of toffee and toast, a clean, subtle hop bitterness, and a nutty finish.”

Vienna Lager can be found at independent grocery stores and bottle shops throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

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