Buoy Beer Releases Dunkel Lager & Packages Strong Gale in 16oz Cans

November 5th marked the beginning of King Tide season on the Oregon Coast. The coast will experience three King Tides this fall/winter season in sync with the new moons of November, December, and January. These monumental tides pair well with sideways rain and swift, violent squalls. As the water rises and temperatures drop, Buoy Beer enters the finishing lap of its year-long expansion project. The high-speed canning line is now in full swing as taste buds begin to turn to darker, roastier beers. And with more production opportunity, the brewery promises to add more lagers, seasonals, barrel-aged beers, experimental recipes, and year-round selections to its line of beers.
Dunkel Lager is back in cans and ready to be the one to reach for on those dark, chilly evenings to come. Dunkel Lager has been produced in draft since 2014. It was one of the original recipes of our Founding Brewer, Dan Hamilton, and made its debut in cans in 2019. The recipe takes 54 days to complete when proper lagering times are factored in and since its popularity has continued to grow, the brewery has planned more brews of Dunkel Lager. With cooler days ahead, Buoy understands just how thirsty everyone gets for a smooth, complex lager inspired by the original beer style of Bavarian Villages that yields flavors of chocolate, toffee, caramel, and fresh baked bread. The seasonal can line-up will continue into 2022 with Helles Lager March through June, NW Red Ale July through October, and Dunkel Lager November through February.
“Our deeply ruby-hued Dunkel Lager aims for that sweet spot in an unabashed celebration of richly layered Munich malts, finished with a wee, chaste kiss of Noble hops,” says Dan Hamilton, Founding Brewer. “I am very proud of our company’s continued commitment to producing meticulously brewed and traditionally cellared lager beers. ‘Ein Prosit!’”
Strong Gale Winter Ale will hit the shelves this year in a 4-pack of 16oz cans. Strong Gale is a well-loved seasonal that the brewers have been crafting for six winters in a row. Brewed with Caramel, Special Roast, and Chocolate malts, this seasonal has a touch of sweetness, a slight roast character, and is a perfect beer for winters in Astoria. Its malty goodness is balanced by a different set of hops each year – this year a copious amount of Simcoe, Centennial, and Zappa hops were added during the dry-hopping period. Also be on the lookout for another cold-weather favorite, Baltic Porter, which will quickly follow the Strong Gale season before the year is over.
“Coastal storms are no joke,” says Jessyka Dart-Mclean, Marketing Manager. “Combined with the dark evenings and surging tides, it’s an exhilarating time to be in Astoria. Everyone at Buoy looks forward to this time of year. Strong Gale’s new combination of hops keeps the yearly tradition fresh and with Dunkel Lager back in the can, the company-wide favorite is easy to enjoy at home.”
The pandemic has changed a lot for our world, community, and workplaces, and Buoy Beer Company in Astoria, Oregon is no exception.  We have had to shift plans, adjust methods, and make tough decisions. But our company is beyond grateful for the beer drinkers of Oregon & Washington who continue to Reach For A Buoy so we can keep our pipelines full of delicious beer. 

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