Brewers Publications Presents Modern Homebrew Recipes

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Craft beer is about innovation, discovery and interpretation. Homebrewing is about all that and more. As the beer scene evolves, Brewers Publications is pleased to announce the release of Modern Homebrew Recipes: Exploring Styles and Contemporary Techniquesa guided journey of brewing discovery.

Written by Grandmaster Beer Judge and author Gordon Strong, the book provides information about some of the latest Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) style changes, as well as a primer on specific mashing and hopping techniques, recipe formulation fundamentals and how to adapt recipes to your system.

Strong provides more than 100 distinctive recipes, with delicious variations to get the creative juices flowing. The book also provides specific advice and sensory profiles for each beer. Modern Homebrew Recipes is much more than a book of recipes; it’s a book that sets brewers on the path to discovering what’s new in the world of homebrewing.

“A brief overview of the evolution of beer recipes up to the present day would pale compared to the picture painted by the book,” said Randy Mosher, author of Tasting Beer, in the foreword. “Developed and brewed by a keen enthusiast, organization stalwart and creative brewer, the recipes in this book reflect the growth and maturation of brewing and recipe formulation in the twenty-first century.”

The only three-time winner of the coveted National Homebrew Competition Ninkasi Award, Strong is president of and the highest ranking judge in BJCP, and principal author of the BJCP Style Guidelines. He is a technical editor and commercial calibration panelist for Zymurgy magazine and a frequent contributor to other brewing and beer publications. Strong also authored Brewing Better Beer: Master Lessons for Advanced Homebrewers.

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