Why Brewer Magazine Homebrews

It dawned on me during my boil yesterday evening, stepping back for a moment to capture an Instagram photo (@thebrewermag), that everyone may wonder why Brewer Magazine is posting homebrew photos. To me, it was a legitimate question and one that we should be able to very easily answer.

When I launched Brewer Magazine the website in 2012 my knowledge of brewing admittedly was minimal. However, I loved the people I’d met in the industry and was really getting tired of the craft beer enthusiast tell me what they think of a beer — sort of like the amatuer art critic does to the artist.

What I did understand was publishing, web development, social media and how to interview and write properly. So I set out to get in touch with you, the owners and brewmasters that are making all the great beer. While I could easily understand topics like hiring, marketing and business issues, I found myself continually Google searching brewing terminology. I continually read to better understand brewing, but still couldn’t quite get it.

Our great editor Jon Sicotte has been an avid homebrewer for many years. It only made sense that he would be our editor as his brewing knowledge was far greater than mine. However, this year I committed to doing the one thing that would help me better understand the brewing side of the brewing business. I purchased my first homebrew kit and got to work.

Brewer Magazine doesn’t do anything for the homebrew sector at the moment — I’m not saying we won’t one day — but we do enjoy experimenting and making our own beer. Additionally, it gives us a very tiny perspective into the world of actual brewing.

I believe many of us could kick back over some cold ones and discuss business philosophy and strategy until we’re blue in the face. But until recently, when you started discussing aspects of the brewing process, you’d come close to losing me. Now we can at least understand what language you’re speaking, even though we may not know all the words.

We’re always doing whatever we can to make our brand stronger. We are asking questions, trying to discover what you want more from us, and then we are executing. As we mature, we promise to provide you with the information you’ll need to get from year one to year 30.
Anyhow, what I really wanted to do was explain to you what we’re doing when you see our homebrew photos surface on Instagram. But please, we aren’t pros, so when you see photos, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message or comment about what we’re probably doing wrong.

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