Breakside Releases Its Newest Year-Round Beer: True Gold

Breakside Brewery, known for its innovative, experimental and diverse beers, has created a new beer to add to its year-round lineup: True Gold. A refreshing West Coast Golden Ale, True Gold is easy on the palate and a perfect, everyday “go to” beer for any time of year.

Ben Edmunds, brewmaster for Breakside, said, “Our brewing team took inspiration from friends around the world to create a beer that brings all our favorite elements together to create something that is distinctly west coast. True Gold is perfect for people looking for something that’s incredibly easy drinking and is also a favorite among discriminating hop lovers.”

The only new year-round brew that the brewery plans to introduce this year, True Gold made its way to this esteemed position in part due to its drinkability and approachability. Galaxy and Mosaic hops are balanced out with a light maltiness, resulting in a lager-like beer that is contemporary in its very light hop flavor sans heavy bitterness. Edmunds continued, “This is the kind of beer you want at the end of a hike, after a day skiing, or while relaxing with friends after work.” The brewing team’s hope? That True Gold will bring back memories of falling in love with craft beer. ABV 5.1% / IBUs 18

True Gold will be released in six packs and on draft across the brewery’s distribution area starting on March 15. Sporting a motorcycle-riding elk (cruising along what looks like Oregon’s highway 101) on its packaging, Breakside’s three Portland area locations will unveil this beer Willie Wonka style. One six-pack in each location will be tagged with a Golden Ticket worth…well…you will just have to go find out.

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