Braxton puts ‘Spotlight’ on new White IPA

The year 2016 was exciting to say the least for Braxton Brewing in Kentucky, but it went way too fast according to Richard Dube, the brewery’s Co-Founder and Brewmaster.

“New tanks, new employees, new toys, new beers, new launches kept us very busy,” he wrote in a letter to the general public. “I will probably not make friends with this statement but “at this time of the year, there is nothing like a fresh layer of snow to make me smile.” Ok! It might have been disruptive for most, but don’t you think that it was just like a new, blank canvas? Well, we are only six days into the New Year, and the team is already unveiling the first brush strokes of this 2017 masterpiece.”

That was the release last week of a new seasonal White IPA, “Spotlight.”

“I will be honest, the original idea was a little bit outside of my comfort zone,” Dube said. “However, the execution was flawless, and the finished product is just, well…very special.”

Spotlight White IPA combines two classic styles: a Belgian Wit (think orange peel and coriander), and an American IPA (think citrus).

“You first tasted this hybrid offering with our experimental IPA Beta series,” Dube pointed out to consumers. “We loved it. You asked for more. So, it was a relatively easy decision. You certainly have heard me or someone else on the brewing team talking about beer in terms of “layers.” This is a perfect example of this descriptor. It is very easy to produce a beer that showcases only one dimension, either be malty, fruity, hoppy, etc… We like to add complexity to our offerings by layering complimentary notes: Spotlight does just that. I am sure you will appreciate the few tweaks that were made. Come join us at the brewery for the official tapping and can release.”

Learn more about the White IPA style from head brewer Adam Rauckhorst.

“We have no intention to slow down,” Dube said. “We have big, ambitious plans for 2017. We are thrilled, passionate, but also very conscious that those ideas are the result of your continuous support. We hear you, and we will not disappoint you.”

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