Boulder Releases Bubbly by Nature as an Answer to Seltzers

Boulder Beer Company, one of America’s oldest and most storied craft breweries, is excited to announce the release of Bubbly By Nature, the Bubbly IPA. Following its brand refresh at the beginning of the year, Boulder Beer Company has been intent on not only paying homage to its storied past, but also ushering in a more contemporary approach toward its beer program.Tropical and fruit-forward like modern IPAs, crisp and easy drinking like a lager, and more fruit-forward and lively like a hard seltzer, Bubbly by Nature pushes the boundary of innovation by fusing elements from three of the most popular craft segments on the market. This unique union results in its own naturally bubbly style.

“We always try to look at style trend data, not to see what everyone else is brewing, but instead to identify an opportunity that everyone else is missing,” explains Greg Owsley, founder of The Storied Brand and brand strategist for Boulder Beer Company. “So we went: fruity, citrusy IPAs are hot, crushable lagers remain a go-to, and seltzers are atomic. Could Boulder Beer triangulate our own original “Bubbly” recipe that plays up the best of all three styles? It’s up to the drinkers to decide, but to me, I think the crew nailed a brew that delivers an entirely unique delicious pleasure.”

Still brewed with just water, barley, hops, and yeast, Bubbly by Nature utilizes an English ale yeast strain for a drier finish while still allowing the malt and hops to shine. Additionally, the use of Sabro, CTZ and Mandarina Bavaria hops help to showcase a tropical fruit-forward juicy profile, without employing any actual fruit. Additionally, in wanting to create a lighter, more effervescent profile, Bubbly by Nature is carbonated at higher levels for a truly bubbly mouthfeel.

“At 4.5% ABV, Bubbly is awesome because it drinks light and is low in calories, very much like a seltzer, but it’s a beer,” said Sleeping Giant head brewer, Mikey Abell. “It’s a tropical, hoppy crusher for anyone, anytime, and also feeds your need for bubbles.”

“It’s the perfect white space between lager, hard seltzer and IPA,” noted Sleeping Giant president and founder, Matthew Osterman. “We think this innovative new hybrid of styles will be the perfect combination of flavors and mouthfeel to become the ultimate summertime crusher.”

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