Bootstrap Announces Line of Non-alcoholic Beers: Strapless NA Beers Launch November 2020

Brewed for beer lovers and adventure seekers, Bootstrap Brewing Company’s non-alcoholic (NA) Strapless IPA, to be released November 2020, is a first for the Longmont, Colorado-based brewery and its partner ABV Technology. As the first NA release for Bootstrap Brewing, Strapless IPA is made to drink like a traditional craft beer while providing the ability for longer days on the trail or longer nights with friends.

Coming in at 40 IBUs, 100 calories, and less than 0.5% ABV, this gluten-reduced craft beer is sure to satisfy both hop heads and extreme athletes. The recipe, which includes generous amounts of Galaxy, Mosaic and Citra hops, gives Strapless IPA a strong and delicious, yet smooth tropical and citrus aroma and flavor. Strapless IPA is packed with electrolytes and minerals, including Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Chloride, to help replenish lost nutrients during daily activity or a great workout.

Studies suggest that NA beer can promote post-exercise recovery by reducing inflammation, rehydrating the body and improving cardiovascular health and may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, anxiety and stress and promote better sleep.

During recipe development and testing, Bootstrap Owner and Brewer Steve Kaczeus decided to take a break to listen to a band playing in the Bootstrap taproom. “My goal was to drink a bunch of NA beer and check my blood alcohol count using my breathalyzer. I checked my BAC after every pint and when I got to six pints, I was at 0.00,” says Kaczeus. “It was awesome. I then drove home and ran a couple of miles!”

The release of Strapless IPA also marks the first Colorado partnership for Minnesota-based ABV Technology, which provided the innovative brewing technology that makes Bootstrap’s NA beers possible. ABV’s brewing technology uses low temperature and low pressure to evaporate, separate and filter the beer, allowing for optimization of quality and flavor.

“We are extremely enthusiastic about our partnership with Bootstrap. They are technically savvy people who are embracing new technology and are already creating new beverages which will revolutionize the NA beer category,” states Ben Jordan, chief technology officer at ABV Technology.

“It’s important to us that Strapless IPA appeals to both non-drinkers and athletes,” says Kaczeus. “We want to share this juicy non-alcoholic IPA with groups of people who enjoy sober social gatherings, outdoor activities, great workouts and having lots of fun.”

Brewed and packaged with athletes in mind, both the ingredients and design of Strapless Non-alcoholic IPA invoke feelings of freedom, playfulness, and energy. Beer lovers can enjoy this IPA, climb a 14er, mountain bike into a canyon or ride the biggest wave and live by the Bootstrap motto: Go Hard All Day, Go Hard All Night!


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