Bootstrap Announces Cherry Gose Can Release

As part of its Adventure Series, Bootstrap Brewing announced its Cherry Gose, which has been a taproom favorite for years, will begin hitting store shelves in December through distribution partners in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Utah, Missouri, and Idaho.

“Our base Gose Ale is a delicious, crisp, tart kettle-sour German Wheat beer. It’s brewed with additions of coriander, Himalayan salt and peppercorn and then we add the perfect amount of Montmorency Tart Cherries that we purchase from a family-owned farm in Door County Wisconsin” explained Steve Kaczeus, Owner/Brewer at Bootstrap Brewing. “The result is a delicious blend of spices and fruit that reminds me of a Cherry Jolly Rancher candy. 

At 4.8% ABV and 8 IBUs, the beer will be available in 6 packs of 12-ounce cans and kegs for draft accounts.

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