Blackstone Brewing Company Installs Centrifuge

blackstone brewing company

Blackstone Brewing Company prides itself on consistency and quality. The state of the art brewing system at Blackstone has just taken another leap forward with the installation of a centrifuge.

The Alfa Laval BREW 250 centrifuge has been integrated into the brewery and is designed for clarifying and polishing beer after fermentation. By the use of centrifugal force, it has the ability to multiply gravity by 10,000 times enabling the removal of tiny particles like yeast and haze. This means that Blackstone’s beer will be more consistent and more efficient than ever before.

“I believe that we are the first craft beer brewery in Tennessee to install a centrifuge. The BREW 250 sets the standard with its zero oxygen pick up and fully hermetic design. We have always emphasized quality and consistency and the Alfa Laval BREW 250 delivers that and more,” explains Kent Taylor, co-founder of Blackstone Brewing Company. “We are very excited to have this new tool as part of our brewing practice.”

Blackstone Brewing Company is located at 2312 Clifton Avenue, Nashville. The Brewery will participate in the Music City Brewers Festival on Saturday, July 25 and is one of the Nashville brewers also participating in a special VIP Reception on Friday, July 24, which raises money for the Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild. Tickets for these events may be purchased at

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