BevPort Launches eCommerce Distribution Portal for Breweries

Starting February 1st in Florida, BevPort Distribution LLC will launch a new three-tier compliant digital distribution portal. Partnering with Country Malt Group (CMG), one of the largest brewery goods suppliers in the nation, the BevPort platform is designed to help small breweries gain visibility and grow their businesses through easier and faster distribution channels. It is a cost-effective e-commerce solution to distribution never before seen in the beer industry. 

BevPort will provide brewers entry into Florida at a 10%-15% savings in cost. By simply signing up, filling out licensing information, and uploading images and pricing, brewers can post their brands for sale to retailers across the state. Handling shipping, warehousing, invoicing, and collecting payments, BevPort removes many of the traditional distribution system’s barriers and limitations, saving brewers time and money. Brewers who sign up for BevPort will immediately be introduced to 5,000 buying accounts through strategic delivery partners. 

The BevPort Distribution Portal is the brainchild of industry veterans and entrepreneurs, James Williams and Philip Guana. With over 50 years of combined beverage industry experience, Williams and Guana have been involved in other e-commerce solutions with Edge Beverage Consulting, the #1 beverage consulting firm in the country. Empowering craft brewers to seize new opportunities for growth in record time, Guana and Williams are advocates for smaller brewers, helping them gain access to national retail chain buyers.

“BevPort will revolutionize the beer industry and streamline the entire process,” said Philip Guana, Managing Partner of BevPort. “Using state-of-the-art logistics and warehousing through a digital distribution portal, BevPort will make selling beer faster, easier, and less expensive compared to traditional distribution.”

“Distribution consolidation has prevented many breweries from gaining access to retailers and customers. BevPort finally gives those breweries a chance.” explains James Williams, Managing Partner of BevPort. “Every brewery deserves an opportunity to connect with retailers and consumers who want to taste their amazing beer.”

“Brewers currently face limited beer distribution options, long distributor approval processes, heavy fees and other related challenges,” said Bryan Bechard, President of CMG. “Country Malt Group is always looking for opportunities to better service our customers and help them be successful. We’re excited to work with BevPort as it will assist our customers in gaining more access to the market while putting more control into the hands of the brewer.”

Live in Florida first, BevPort has plans to grow into key markets across the nation. For more information on BevPort Distribution LLC, visit their website at

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