Bent Paddle Releases CBD+ (Includes THC) Sparkling Water Line

Starting tomorrow in their Lincoln Park Craft District Taproom folks over the age of 21 can purchase 25 oz. crowlers of Bent Paddle’s new signature CBD+ Full Spectrum Sparkling Water. This first run features approx. 22mg of CBD + 1.75mg THC per serving and there are 2 servings per crowler (44mg CBD + 3.5mg THC per crowler). The crowlers will be available to-go or for opening and enjoying on-site in the taproom for $12 each with a limit to three per customer per visit. The initial flavor for this effervescent CBD+ offering will be Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava (aka Hawaiian P.O.G. Flavor).

Pepin Young, Bent Paddle Brewing Co.’s Taproom Director says “We are so excited to bring CBD+ Sparkling Water to the taproom now that the Minnesota Legislature recently legalized it for patrons over age 21. It is an excellent and tasty non-alcoholic option for folks looking for an alternative to beer in our taproom and in the broader market as well. I personally love CBD products and CBD sparking water and can’t wait for more folks to try out our locally made version! Good things are worth the wait and paddling into these new waters responsibly was our number 1 priority.”

In the coming weeks the taproom will also be releasing a Broad Spectrum CBD version which will consist of approx. 25mg CBD per serving only and will be a Mango Tangerine Flavor. “We’re calling that version the ‘Truckers Blend’ because there will be zero THC and that might be preferred for folks in certain industries or those only looking for CBD water without any THC effects” says Bent Paddle Brewing Co. Co-Founder Bryon Tonnis.

The brewery is proud to be sourcing unique Bent Paddle custom blends of both their Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD locally from the hemp grown at Finnegan’s Farm out of Two Harbors ( and manufactured into a hemp emulsion perfect for mixing into their flavored sparking water by another Minnesota Company out of the Twin Cities, Superior Molecular (

Former professional hockey player turned hemp farmer, Patrick Finnegan of Finnegan’s Farm, says “We are beyond excited to be partnering with Bent Paddle on their CBD water lines as a fellow local Northern Minnesota company who only releases superior products. We started the farm in 2010 and have been waiting for the local laws to catch up to modern information about hemp as well as vast consumer demand. In that time we have been contemplating collaborations and have hand selected only a few partners with this new law change. Superior Molecular has incredibly high standards of quality control for our product and Bent Paddle’s beverage products are some of the best in the state so we are thrilled about this local collaboration.”

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