Bell’s Winter White gets a makeover; Bright White on its way

Bright White cans

Bell’s Winter White Ale has a new look and a new name for 2019.

Bell’s Belgian-inspired Wheat Ale returns this month and its look will be reminiscent of what fans have seen since 2003. This update speaks to the beer’s appeal beyond cold temperatures and snow. Nothing about the recipe has changed.

Bright White Ale is the same bright alternative to stouts, porters and other darker beer styles fans have loved over the years. Stylish and refreshing, it is still fermented with a Belgian yeast strain, yielding a mix of clove and fruity aromas without the use of any spices.

Bright White is inspired by the Belgian Wit (White) style of beer that has been brewed as far back as the Middle Ages. Unlike traditional Wit beers, Bright White includes no spices like coriander seed, orange peel, and sometimes grains of paradise. Bright White has several fruity aromas which all comes from the malt and yeast. This seasonal beer is enjoyable whether your view includes a snow man or a palm tree.

“It is easy-drinking and lighter than the long list of stouts traditionally released in the winter months,” said Larry Bell, founder and president of Bell’s Brewery. “Stout should be enjoyed year-round but sometimes, you just need a break.”

“We wanted to keep the new name simple and connect it back to the original. And since many of our fans use ‘bright’ to refer to this beer, it just made sense to play to those strengths,” said Bell.

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