Bay Cannon Announces Multi-State Beer Distribution Through New Partnership

Community Brewing Ventures (CBV) and Bay Cannon Beer​ ​Company, through a partnership first announced in March 2021, announced that the Bay​ ​Cannon brand is available for purchase in over 12 states.

Beginning Monday, June 14, craft​ ​beer lovers can purchase four Bay Cannon beers, Xander Mosaic Hazy IPA, Elias Galaxy​ ​Double IPA, Emilia Dry-Hopped Blonde Ale, and Maxwell Stout, in their favorite beverage​ ​establishments in CO, DC, FL, GA, LA, MD, NC, NJ, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, and VA.

Bay Cannon opened in West Tampa (2106 West Main Street) in the summer of 2019. A​ ​community brewpub known for its frequently changing beer offerings, Bay Cannon had to​ ​make an unexpected business pivot in 2020. Canned beer wasn’t a part of the original​ ​company concept, but it was through canning and distribution that allowed the brewery to​ ​continue to innovate and grow.

“Bay Cannon is exactly the kind of company that CBV was designed to help,” said Aaron MJ​ ​Gore, director of strategic partnerships with CBV. “They have great beer and massive​ ​potential. They just didn’t have the resources to get that beer in front of all of the people​ ​who wanted it.”

Founded in 2020 by the owners of D9 Brewing Company and a team of investors and craft​ ​beer experts, CBV is focused on elevating small and medium-sized breweries over the​ ​hurdles and challenges of growing in a highly competitive market. CBV’s goal is not​ ​acquisition but scalability. CBV gives breweries the advantages that come with scale while​ ​still preserving the independence, creativity, innovativeness, and passion that makes the​ ​craft beverage industry, and that particular brewery special, in the first place.

“Florida’s beer scene is booming right now, and more of the country should get the chance​ ​to enjoy gems like Bay Cannon’s Xander Hazy IPA or the Elias Double IPA,” said Gore. “For​ ​us, it’s about discovery. We want to help people find truly incredible beers that they may​ ​never have even realized are out there. Great beer should always be easy to find.”

Want to see beer from your favorite brewery wherever you go? #DemandYourBrand is an​ ​upcoming campaign that CBV will launch in the fall. The goal is to empower beer drinkers​ ​to play a critical role in helping get their favorite beers into distribution and on a larger​ ​platform.

Interested in learning more about CBV and its current partners? Click here for additional​ ​information.

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