Bauhaus Brew Labs Launches Oktoberfest-Themed Mixed Pack

Bauhaus Brew Labs announced its latest variety pack innovation: FESTBOX. In years past, Bauhaus has released its award-winning Schwandtoberfest Bavarian-Style Märzen for the Oktoberfest season. FESTBOX is Bauhaus’ first-ever variety pack of Oktoberfest-themed beers, featuring Schwandtoberfest (5.7% ABV, 12 IBU) as well as two brand-new beers: “Fest Coast” Modern German-Style Festbier (5.9% ABV, 20 IBU) and “Dampf Punk” Bavarian-Style Dampfbier (4.8% ABV, 15 IBU).

Bauhaus President and Co-Founder Matt Schwandt explains, “we wanted to switch things up this year for Oktoberfest season.” In order to pay homage to both the traditional Märzen Oktoberfest style as well as to the lighter, more modern Festbier style that is served nowadays in Münich at Oktoberfest, Bauhaus incorporated both styles into FESTBOX. What’s more, FESTBOX also includes a regional Bavarian specialty style called Dampfbier. “Dampfbier is sometimes referred to as ‘poor man’s hefeweizen’ in Bavaria,” says Schwandt. “It’s an all-barley beer fermented with hefeweizen yeast.” The result is a copper-colored, lightly malty beer with yeast-derived notes of banana and clove.

FESTBOX features six 12oz cans of Schwandtoberfest Bavarian-Style Märzen, three 12oz cans of Fest Coast Modern German-Style Festbier, and three 12oz cans of Dampf Punk Bavarian-Style Dampfbier. Bauhaus Head Brewer Chris Squire says, “FESTBOX is the ultimate Oktoberfest party pack – it was made for celebrating.”

Starting on Monday, August 15, FESTBOX will be available in liquor stores across the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. Bauhaus will have all three FESTBOX beers available on draft in its Northeast Minneapolis taproom as well as at select bars and restaurants in the metro area. The brewery will also be holding its 8th annual Schwandtoberfest party – which will feature live music, bratwurst, Bavarian-style pretzels, and lederhosen – on Saturday, September 17 from noon until 11pm.

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