Bauhaus Brew Labs Announces Return of Fall/Winter Mixed Pack: FREEZEBOX

Bauhaus Brew Labs is thrilled to announce the return of its annual fall/winter mixed pack: FREEZEBOX. This year’s iteration of FREEZEBOX features a wonderland of wintery treats, including the limited return of a Bauhaus fan favorite: Stargrazer German-Style Black Lager (5.0% ABV, 22 IBU). FREEZEBOX also includes three more brand-new brews designed to lift your spirits during the colder months ahead: Lil’ Ben English-Style Mild Ale (3.4% ABV, 17 IBU), Big Dipster Dip-Hopped Hazy IPA (6.7% ABV, 50 IBU), and the innovative lactose-free Oat Nebula Coffee-Infused Oat Milk Stout (4.4%, 30 IBU).

Bauhaus President and Co-Founder Matt Schwandt says that he’s always wanted to bring back Stargrazer in some capacity “because there are some die-hard fans that have been asking us to brew it again for years.” Head Brewer Chris Squire adds, “this year’s FREEZEBOX has a little something old and something new. Stargrazer and Lil’ Ben are obviously based on classic styles, while Big Dipster and Oat Nebula are newer styles.” Squire explains that the inspiration for Oat Nebula was the oat milk latte he enjoys from Bauhaus neighbor Dogwood Coffee. “We selected a special blend of Dogwood coffee beans for the coffee infusion in Oat Nebula, and we actually made the oat milk ourselves using our brewing equipment,” says Squire. The result is a deliciously smooth and silky lactose-free oat milk stout with the perfect amount of coffee flavor.

For the 12-pack box and can label design, Bauhaus teamed up with Kick in South Minneapolis. The design concept is based on fun, fictitious constellations and the northern lights. Each beer features its own unique constellation on the label along with a splash of color inspired by the aurora borealis.

Starting this week, FREEZEBOX will be available in liquor stores across the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. A limited run of Stargrazer 6-packs will also be available at retail. In addition, all of the FREEZEBOX beers will be available on draft in the Bauhaus taproom, as well as in 6-packs for takeaway sales. Stargrazer and Oat Nebula will be released on draft to select bars and restaurants throughout the fall/winter season.

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