Avery Announces Return of Perzik Saison

Avery Brewing Company announces the release of its spring seasonal, Perzik Saison. This unmistakably peachy Saison will be available on draft at the Avery brewery on March 27 and will hit shelves across the nation in early April.

Perzik Saison is a classic Saison with a big splash of peaches. Over 11 pounds per barrel of peaches were used to create this dry, crisp, fruity, slightly spicy, and refreshing beer. Inspired by long summer days sitting on the patio and grilling under the shade of trees, expect to see Perzik Saison on shelves throughout the spring and summer months (approximately April – August), in time for peach season.

“We started making Perzik Saison two years ago,” said Fred Rizzo, Head Brewer at Avery, “and we designed it to be a delicious, easy drinking, and sessionable beer. It has a massive amount of peaches, but our goal was to also stay true to the Saison style. We ferment warm at 26 degrees Celsius (78.8 degress Fahrenheit), which builds a great yeast character that pairs well with the peaches. We also use a little acidulated malt to balance out some of the sweetness. The result is a refreshing, clean, and approachable beer that celebrates peaches while still honoring the Saison characteristics”.

Perzik Saison is part of Avery’s “Seasonal Selection” series, which also includes Chai High, released in the fall, and Old Jubilation, released in the winter. It is available in 6-pack cans, 5.16 gal kegs, and 15.5 gal kegs.

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