Avery Adds to Botanicals & Barrels Series with Apricot Sour

Avery Brewing is thrilled to announce the addition of its barrel-aged Apricot Sour that will add to the popular Raspberry Sour, Vanilla Bean Stout, and Tangerine Quadruple Ale that currently make up the “Botanicals & Barrels” series. Apricot Sour is a bright and tangy Sour Ale that artfully highlights juicy apricots and barrel-aged tartness.

Apricot Sour is the fourth installment of the “Botanicals & Barrels” series which all have two things in common. First, they are all aged in barrels for at least three months and second, they all consist of just one ingredient outside of the standard grain, hops, yeast, and water recipe. Avery Brewing Company plans to release Ginger Sour and Coconut Porter by mid-2017.

“The interesting thing about our Botanicals & Barrels series is that as beautiful and simple as the final beer is, it is the culmination of an insanely complex and intricate process”, says Travis Rupp, Avery’s Research and Development Manager and Beer Archaeologist.

“As the second Sour of the series, it is brewed with the same bacterial and yeast cocktail as Raspberry Sour”, says Special Project Brewer Leigh Audin, “however the result is a more lactic beer with minimal malt character and a ton of apricot”.

Avery’s Apricot Sour will be available year-round in 22-ounce bottles and will be distributed nationally. It will be available on draft at Avery’s Boulder-based brewery on January 30th.

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