‘aRIstotle’ Debuts from Newport Storm

One of the guiding principles that Derek Luke and Brent Ryan, founders of the Newport Storm Brewery, have always followed is having active participation from their crew in all parts of the brewery. Their latest brew is a testament to this philosophy. From the creative mind of our Visitors Center Manager, Brian Toms, came the idea to create a barrel aged farmhouse ale in honor of the legendary Greek philosopher and father of zoological studies, Aristotle.

While this beer aged away in barrels, Newport Storm tapped Salve Regina University alumna and the brewery’s mural painter, Mia Loia, to draw the artwork for this crew inspired beer. Building on Toms’ theme, she created a label that speaks to the bright and playfulness from the old world origin of beer. When asked about the result, Ryan remarked “Our crew is what makes our brewery and distillery tick. It is exceptionally rewarding to be able to harness their creativity to bring new and exciting things to our fans.”

This barrel aged farmhouse ale is a first from the Newport Storm Brewery. aRIstotle was inspired by the idea that after more than 100 distinctive brews and five years of barrel aging beers, “There are still plenty that we haven’t made yet, and historically farmhouse ales are one of the best complementary styles to pair with oak barrels.” says Brew Master Derek Luke.

Tannins and oak are apparent in this beer after lying in American White Oak barrels for six months. In farmhouse ales, yeast is the main contributor to the flavor complexities. The brewers searched a long time for the perfect yeast. Finally, they discovered a strain that creates spice, pepper, and clove flavors while adding sweet aromas of stone fruit. Golding and Tettanang hops give this brew spice notes, earthy hints and make this beer savory. Canada pale malt and malted wheat give this beer its golden hue a touch of sweetness.

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