Angel City Delivers Series of Launches

California: the land of the future, with self-driving 18-wheelers, growing artificial intelligence and the birth of tech culture. Not to mention creatively innovative brewing. Angel City Brewery, known for original beers such as White Nite and Avocado Ale, and their flagship, Angel City IPA, reminds drinkers there’s more to brewing innovation, while still retaining California-inspired flavors.

Starting this spring and going into LA Beer Week in June, the ACB brewing team will be flexing their creativity muscles with an extensive lineup of new styles. The roster includes everything from barrel aged and kettle soured styles to beers using a variety of local fruit and even a new rendition of an old favorite.

  • 3/16: Barreljuice, Barreljuice, Barreljuice – A beer-exorcist from the Netherworld; a simple saison transformed into a tart, golden, paranormal beer. Brettanomyces fermentation followed by six months confined to Chardonnay wine barrels, conjures an earthy barnyard aroma with hints of stone fruit and grape. This beer is dry yet sour, with subtle flavors of peach and persimmon. Available in 22oz bottles exclusively at the brewery and on draft. 7.8% ABV
  • 4/15: Fuzzy Nelson – An evolution of Angel City’s own Funky Wit; a Wit beer aged in French oak white wine barrels with Brettanomyces and Roeselare yeast. This “fuzzy” version features Nelson Sauvin hops and California kiwis. It’s sour, hoppy, funky and very approachable. Available in 22oz bottles exclusively at the brewery and on draft. 6.7% ABV
  • 5/1: Strawberry Gose – Featuring strawberries from Oxnard, this Gose is lightly salty, tart and refreshing with bright fruity aromas. Available in 16oz cans for limited release outside of the brewery and on draft. 4.2% ABV
  • 5/1: Srirachelada Ale – Returning for 2018 is Angel City’s take on the classic Mexican coctel cerveza with sriracha, tomato juice, lime juice, agave, pickled banana pepper juice and worcestshire sauce. For the first time ever, available in 16oz cans at the brewery only. 4.0% ABV
  • 6/1: Sunbather #3 – As part of their single hop, kettle soured Sunbather Series, Angel City will release Sunbather #3 leading up to LA Beer Week. Sunbather is a soured pale ale that’s dry hopped with a different variety in each batch. The first Sunbather launched in June of 2017 and included Citra hops, followed by Sunbather #2 in the fall which featured Amarillo hops. This latest version will have Mosaic hops and will be available in 4-packs of 16oz. cans.

“Brewing is the perfect mix of science and creativity and we are in a great position to test and play with the limits of both,” said Layton Cutler, Head Brewer at Angel City. “We take something like Funky Wit, which we all love here, and think ‘how can we make this awesome, but in a different way?’ So we look to local ingredients, in this case California kiwis, and a different hop, and we create an entirely new, really great beer. It’s a win all around.”

Angel City Brewery tests out many of their styles in their Public House prior to scaling up for packaging or further distribution. “We are lucky to have the capability of using the brewery to test out interesting styles and gather feedback from our community, then bring those test beers to life in 22-ounce bottles, cans and draft outside the brewery,” said Culter. “We’ve had a solid start to 2018 with our limited release beers and we’re excited for the launches to come throughout the rest of 2018.”

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