American Craft Beer Exports Take Off

The Craft Brewing industry has made headlines on just about every major publication throughout the U.S. this year. Now, its vast shipping efforts have made, due to the exponential growth it experienced in 2012.

According to The Brewers Association, craft beer exports grew 72 percent in 2012, generating about $49 million in sales. According to Forbes, Canada was the largest export market with a 140 percent growth in 2012 shipments.

Beer lovers worldwide have enjoyed the growth, but that doesn’t necessarily explain why it’s being touted by so many popular publications. What has been the surprise is that the industry isn’t made of major conglomerates. It’s not lead by corporate structures, but typically operated by families and communities devoted to a taste and responsibility of growth.

However, if you’re going to say that small businesses can’t be successful, you best keep quiet around this crowd. They are passionate about their craft, and equally passionate about spreading the word.

Although the market is highly competitive, typically there is a brotherhood among brewers. And, many of the brewers we’ve spoken with say that it’s about making a better product, not worrying about the other guy.

What does the consumer believe? Well, they increase in shipping pretty much speaks for itself. Breweries pop up and they take off with their own pubs and restaurants serving their own beers on tap. Today, consumers have caused almost every major city to have a brewery. In states in the Upper Northwest, you can’t toss a rock without hitting a brewery.

What this industry has said for itself is that the power of being unique is back. There is room in the brewing industry for competitiveness, and they aren’t going to back down from corporations. Brewers and consumers alike have united to make the U.S. brewing industry one of a kind.

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