American Cider Association Welcomes 6 New European Certified Pommeliers

The American Cider Association is pleased to welcome six new European Certified Pommeliers after completion of the first certification exam offered outside of the United States. The new Certified Pommeliers are some of the key members of the European cider community, and their embrace of the Certified Cider Professional program is another step forward in the realization of the ACA’s vision for the industry through increasing the understanding and appreciation of cider and perry. 

The new Certified Pommliers hale from countries across the continent including the UK, Italy, France, Germany, and Lithuania. They are Adam Wells, who was on the shortlist for 2024 Fortnum and Mason’s Drink Writer of the Year for his work at Cider Review, Marco Manfrini, president of the Associazione Pommelier e Assaggiatori di Sidro,  influential cider writer (Cider Explorer) Natalia Wszelaki, historian, writer and maker at Kertelreiter Cidery & Perry Barry Masterson, cidermaker at Sodo Sidrinė Donatas Genys, and wine and cider scientist and consultant Yann Gilles.

“The response to the exam was amazing,” shares the ACA’s CEO Michelle McGrath, “and to have such a distinguished group now part of the growing global CCP community is a testament to the CCP program’s role in supporting the growth of cider within the larger beverage category. It is a rigorous exam, and you could tell that all who sat for it had taken their studies seriously though they are all already playing significant roles in the cider industry. We are so grateful to Christine Isensee-Kiseau, Michael Stöckl, and the whole Cider World Frankfurt team for partnering with the ACA to make this exam happen and hope we can do it again next year.”

Education and certification programs such as those run by Cicerone, the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, and the Court of Master Sommeliers, have done much to increase the understanding of the beverages they cover and enhance the professional standing of the individuals that complete them. With its CCP program, the ACA is poised to do the same for cider, raising the drink’s profile within the larger hospitality community as cider’s share of the global beverage market continues its steady growth. Continuing education is an important part of staying relevant in a rapidly changing hospitality environment.

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