Albemarle CiderWorks Captures Governor’s Cup Gold

Albemarle CiderWorks is pleased to announce its winners in this year’s Virginia Governor’s Cup®. The 2022 Governor’s Cup® received over 600 wine and cider entries that were evaluated by a panel of 25 world-class judges. Gold medals were awarded to submissions receiving 90-100 points, the Cup’s® definition of outstanding quality. CiderWorks received golds for its Royal Pippin 2019, Virginia Hewes Crab 2019, and Wickson 2020 ciders. The cidery’s founding blend, Jupiter’s Legacy 2019, also received a silver medal.  

The three gold medal winners are all single varietals, which Albemarle CiderWorks has championed since its founding in 2009. The Albemarle Pippin apple has long been favored by local cidermakers for its wine-like fermentation characteristics. Meanwhile, Virginia Hewes Crab has a growing reputation for high-quality cidermaking that may come to define Virginia cider culture. Wickson is a newcomer to CiderWorks’ single varietal lineup, presenting a pure and richly flavored cider.

“We haven’t yet scratched the surface of what cider can be in this country, or even the world,” says Chuck Shelton, Cidermaker at Albemarle CiderWorks. “We take pride in being able to help redefine a cider style that has been largely forgotten: the American cider.”

CiderWork’s single varietal ciders use 100% of a single apple variety. Combined with the commitment to minimal intervention, the resulting ciders clearly express the character of Virginia terroir. Award-winning ciders are available for tasting and purchase at the Albemarle CiderWorks tasting room in North Garden, VA, and select retail locations.

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