Agility Tech, Preddio Technologies Advance Brewing Technology with BrewOps Purge

Agility Tech, an innovator in global electronic manufacturing services (EMS), and Preddio Technologies Inc., an innovator in industrial internet of things (IIoT) and advanced sensing technologies have introduced the BrewOps Purge, a revolutionary wireless solution designed specifically for craft breweries.

The BrewOps Purge is one of many revolutionary solutions tailored for food and beverage applications—designed and manufactured by Preddio Technologies and Agility Tech—underneath the BrewOps brewery automation brand. The BrewOps Purge is an innovative portable sensor that transforms how breweries purge their brew tanks. Brite tanks are typically purged with CO2 to remove oxygen that significantly affects the quality, taste, and shelf life of the beer. To ensure a successful purge, using proprietary algorithms, the BrewOps Purge analyzes oxygen, temperature, and pressure data to calculate remaining oxygen left in the tank. This provides actionable intelligence to brewers via a mobile app or a visible blink pattern that can be seen from across the brewery—a reliable tool that helps busy brewers maintain efficiencies while on the go, multi-tasking. Furthermore, the BrewOps Purge can be used to ensure that all CO2 has been removed from a fermenter prior to a caustic clean in place (CIP) cycle. Reduced water waste, chemical consumption, and risk of product contamination are some of many benefits that depend on this process.

“The BrewOps Purge is the first of many upcoming food and beverage solutions from our partner, Preddio Technologies,” says Steve Marian, founder and principal of Agility Tech. “BrewOps Purge offers real-time insights, allowing brewers to save time, increase repeatability, and ultimately save money for their brewery.”

The purge process can consume a significant amount of energy and CO2. BrewOps Purge is fast and easy to install, effortless to use, and by automating and optimizing the purge process, it helps breweries become more sustainable and efficient.

“By partnering with Agility Tech, we are able to prototype, design for manufacturing, and scale products rapidly—achieving in weeks what our competitors struggle with for years,” says Aaron Ganick, co-founder and CEO of Preddio Technologies. “Agility Tech’s advanced manufacturing, global sourcing, and industrial product design capabilities allow us to focus on what we do best: tackling tough problems with elegant mobile and embedded software solutions. They are a key ingredient to our success and rapid growth.”

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