Admiral Maltings Unveils Inaugural ‘It’s The Malt! – Craft Malt Festival’ in Alameda, California

Admiral Maltings proudly announces the debut of the highly anticipated It’s The Malt! – Craft Malt Festival, scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 29th, at The Rake, Admiral’s iconic malt house pub and beer garden in Alameda, California.

The festival celebrates Admiral Maltings’ floor malted barley and local agriculture. It spotlights the artistry and tradition of floor malting barley while paying homage to the area’s dedicated community of farmers, brewers, distillers, musicians, and culinary artisans.

“It’s the malt! It’s the barley!” exclaims Ron Silberstein, Co-owner and Founder at Admiral Maltings.  “The purpose of this festival is to reinvigorate the connection between beer and barley. Nothing connects barley to beer better than the traditional art of floor malting. This year, many of the beers served are a bookend to our historic, international collaboration with the world-renowned Crisp Malting from the UK.” 

It’s The Malt! is an immersive experience that showcases craft beer proudly brewed by over twenty California breweries and floor-malted by Admiral Maltings. This is the only place in the world to enjoy over a dozen exclusive beers crafted from heritage Haná barley – resulting from a first-of-its-kind, international floor malting collaboration between Admiral Maltings and Crisp Malting (UK). 

Local live music will set the festival’s ambiance while The Rake’s kitchen offers a mouthwatering array of smoked meats, burgers, and sides to complement the flavorful brews. Attendees can also partake in a craft whiskey sampling of artisanal whiskies – proudly distilled from Admiral’s floor malted barley and other grains. VIP tickets are available for attendees seeking early access, food tickets, and additional perks.

Tickets for It’s The Malt! Are available now via Eventbrite. For the latest updates and information on the festival, please visit

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