5 Rabbit Cervecería Signs with Artisanal Imports

Artisanal Imports is excited to announce that it has partnered with 5 Rabbit Cervecería of Chicago to be its sales and marketing partner.

5 Rabbit Cervecería is the United States’ first Latin America-inspired brewery, drawing on the amazing wealth of Latino culture and cuisine for its beer. “Craft beer drinkers appreciate the creativity, new flavors and experiences that flow from Latin America,” says 5 Rabbit Co-Founder Andrés Araya Dorn. “There’s a broad appeal in our culturally inspired beers.”

Its beers are “brewed with píixan,” a Mayan term meaning “free spirit,” and 5 Rabbit celebrates this notion not only with its beer, but also with food, art, community and other aspects of good living. Watch this video that showcases the brewery here.

5 Rabbit is available in Chicago and will be expanding into new markets in late October with its flagship beer 5 Lizard and limited series Gran Missionario.

5 Lizard is an award-winning Latin-Style Passionfruit Witbier, which won the 2011 GABF gold medal in the Fruit Wheat Beer category. The beer’s name is derived from one of the five gods of excess, who served to warn against gluttony and debauchery but also represented dance and sexual desire.

Gran Missionario is a rosé wheat beer with raspberries and Muscat grapes that celebrates the blending of cultures in the missions throughout the Americas. Wheat and Muscat wine grapes were among the plants brought from the Old World, being essential for church services, as well as many other uses.

“We are excited to announce this partnership with 5 Rabbit and represent them in this extremely difficult and crowded market,” says Artisanal Imports. “The inclusion of these flavorful Latin America-themed beers will add a dimension to our portfolio that our retail partners are sure to respond to.”

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