21st Amendment Heading To Colorado

Colorado beer drinkers, get ready! The 21st Amendment Brewery is making its way to your craft beer mecca this December, bringing the likes of Brew Free! or Die IPA, El Sully Mexican-style lager, Tasty IPA, Blood Orange Brew Free! or Die IPA and Fireside Chat Winter Ale to get the party started.

“We have wanted to expand our distribution footprint into Colorado for quite some time, and are thrilled to finally make it happen,” said Dave Wilson, President of 21st Amendment Brewery. “No doubt about it, Colorado was one of the early states to love and support craft beer, which helped make the industry what it is today, and we’re pretty excited to add our beers to the vast mix of incredible craft offerings.”

In partnership with Elite Beverage and High Country Beverage, 21st Amendment beers will be available on tap and at retail locations throughout the entire state. “We think our beers will play really well in Colorado,” adds Wilson. “Fruit Beers, Mexican-Style Lager, and a whole list of IPA’s brewed with some California attitude are in the lineup. We’re confident the beer drinkers of Colorado will approve.”

While many beer folks know Colorado is home to the Brewer’s Association and the Great American Beer Festival, it is also home to craft beer in a can, which is near and dear to this brewery’s heart.

“Bringing our beer to Colorado feels like we’re coming full circle,” said Shaun O’Sullivan, Brewmaster and Co-Founder of 21st Amendment Brewery. “Back in 2005 when we first started thinking about packaging our beers, I visited Oskar Blues and saw them putting their beer in cans and it just struck me as pure genius. When I told Nico that we should do the same thing, he thought it was the dumbest idea he’d ever heard, but then we looked into why cans are great for craft beer. Since then, canning our beer has been an important part of our 21A identity.”

All of 21st Amendment’s year-round, seasonal and Insurrection Series limited release beers will be available on draft, and in 6-pack, 15-pack, Variety Pack or 19.2oz cans.

“Much like our home market in the Bay Area, we know that people in Colorado enjoy the outdoors and appreciate taking great craft beer with them,” said Nico Freccia, Co-Founder of 21st Amendment Brewery. “Cans are the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures, and what better place to explore than beautiful Colorado.”

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