Using Your Marketing Analytics to Boost Advertising Dollars

When you start talking about advertising, most people’s head immediately goes to TV, radio, or print mediums … even something like streaming ads on platforms like Hulu, but non-traditional advertising outlets, like a Google search is an interesting aspect for a brewery to explore.

Now, advertising your brewery for its beer can be restrictive since advertising alcohol comes with many headaches, but advertising your space for events is completely legal and Motorworks has taken advantage of that and delved into funneling funds into creating this additional revenue.

Barry Elwonger said he has taken the time over many years to work on understanding GoogleAds for the brewery, which can host larger events like rehearsal dinners for weddings or fundraisers in one part of its beer garden while still maintaining staff and functions for other consumers that pop in for a beer or two.

Many breweries may hire a social media person and focus solely on content, and content is absolutely paramount, Elwonger said.

“But when you don’t have the full pipeline and media mix maximized, they often don’t even know what they’re leaving on the table,” he added.

Elwonger said something like Google PPC for click-through rates and conversions can be helpful and although these ads can become very costly he said if you have highly profitable events (like a wedding) and optimize your ads, it can become lucrative.

Elwonger discusses this further in the November/December 2021 issue of Brewer in the article: “Better Understanding Your Marketing Reach.”

Elwonger pays for a tool called SEMRUSH to look at how the Motorworks’ website is doing.

“You can actually see where you’re stacking up with the search engine results for organic on Google,” he said. “If you typed in the word ‘brewery’ and ‘Bradenton,’ we are the first thing that pops up because we have awesome backlinking from focusing on our digital media.

“If I was a brewery in another market, I would want to see how we’re doing against all of those other local breweries, and what we could make sure our site’s better, or has better content. We’re ranking for keywords, or finding keywords that we’re not ranking for at all, and making sure that we’re incorporating those on the website.”

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Paying on social media is a standard step in advertising online as well and Rob Day of Jack’s Abby says he watches impressions, engagement, and follower growth most closely.

“I have stepped away from managing those metrics because they have become unreliable to benchmark,” the Senior Director of Marketing for the Massachusetts brewery. “When I layer in my paid strategy, I am carefully monitoring Cost Per 1,000 Impressions (CPMI) and click-thru rates (CTR).”

One other thing that Elwonger said he loves to look at — and it’s free — is on the backside of Facebook in Insights.

“I love to look at my competition,” he said. “You can watch other pages and see how they’re doing as far as the number of likes that they have, but more importantly, the engagement versus how many times they posted that week.”

Elwonger said he follows about 20 of his friends — but they’re competitors also.

“I like to see how we’re stacking up against them with engagement and with a follower base,” he said, adding that it’s good to make sure that they learn from those that are doing really cool and interesting things and to make sure that Motorworks is doing the best with its stuff and optimizing it.

“That information also can be powerful and something you can leverage when you’re having your meetings with your distributors or with chain accounts when you’re first trying to get into something,” he added, saying those metrics can be used to your advantage.

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