The Two Keys to Rebirth Success for Atlanta Brewing

With some tumultuous years behind them, Atlanta Brewing is back for a second go-around. The company — which was branded Red Brick Brewing for many years — returned to its original name in the fall of 2018, and the brewery is seeing new growth thanks to two items: refocusing on its home market and marketing to new customers while re-introducing themselves to old fans.

When the brewery announced the rebrand, Marketing Director Cameron Davis said it did 52 events around the city.

“We were at bars, restaurants … all kinds of places — multiple a day,” she said. “We just really were trying to get our new branding and name, and new beer flavors out to the community.

“The problem of being a 25-year-old brewery is that even with the rebrand, people have these ideas of what you are. With so many options these days it’s really difficult to get that person to come back and try it again.”

But with all the events that the brewery planned in the marketing blitz, it was able to “force” the new image of the brewery on many people all at once.

“We had a lot of people that said they would never have tried Red Brick again,” she recalled. “To have people come into our taproom and tell us their dad was a big fan of Atlanta Brewing Company and they hated Red Brick, but now it’s back and it’s such a cool thing for them to talk about. I think that’s a really cool story.”

A fortunate business decision also helped as the brewery looked to leave its distribution contract — which is usually very tough. That meant the brewery could refocus efforts on local markets, sign with a new distributor and market to places it felt would give a good push.

“They pulled back towards a really city-focused and Atlanta focus, and now we’re kind of just starting to push back out into those outer markets that we had pulled back from,” Davis said. “I think that was a really smart decision from our president and working with our Sales Director because as we go through this rebrand we really wanted the Atlanta market to feel ownership of the Atlanta Brewing Company.

“Once you have that support in our smaller area, I felt it was a lot easier to go out to Alabama and Tennessee and elsewhere.”

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