Tröegs Deepens Home State Roots, Partners With Local Farms & Maltsters

Tröegs Independent Brewing has announced partnerships with local farms and maltsters to stimulate economic growth and deepen its roots in its home state of Pennsylvania.

With the rise of small-batch malting in Pennsylvania, the Hershey, PA-based brewery can partner with local companies like Deer Creek Malthouse in Glen Mills and Double Eagle Malt outside Philadelphia to produce malted barley used in some of its most popular beers.

Tröegs commits to purchasing as much as 250,000 pounds of locally-grown barley annually to use in beers such as Field Study, LolliHop, and most recently its iconic, award-winning Troegenator, a beer that has been a mainstay in its portfolio for two decades.

“When people think of local ingredients, they often think of hops,” says Trogner. “But the quality and quantity of the grain in Pennsylvania lends itself to brewing.” 

In 2021, Tröegs utilized over 8.5 million pounds of grain, and every ounce went back to local farms as cattle feed. This crucial – and sustainable – step in the journey of brewers’ grain brings the entire process full circle.

“I really can’t say enough about how much I love living in Pennsylvania,” says Trogner. “There’s so much to work with here.”

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