Three Taverns Collaborates with Pilsner Urquell/Pivovar Proud; travels to Pilsen Liberation Festival

Three Taverns Brewery recently collaborated on a beer with Pivovar Proud, the experimental brewery of Pilsner Urquell, brewing a hoppy pilsner that was poured in the Czech Republic at the annual Pilsen Liberation festival in early May of this year.

Three Taverns first appeared on the radar of Petr Starý, Senior Development at Pilsner Urquell, after discovering Prince of Pilsen, a hoppy pilsner that pays tribute to the world’s most influential beer style.

“Per Petr’s request, we sent cans of Prince to the Czech Republic for sampling at their brewery where they gave the prince a good tour of the brewery grounds,” says Brian Purcell, Three Taverns Founder and CEO. “Soon after, Petr and Pivovar Proud’s brewing director, Michal Škoda, invited us to collaborate on a beer and to bring Prince Of Pilsen to the city of Pilsen and pour with them at the Pilsen Liberation Festival.”

The Pilsen Liberation festival celebrates the liberation of Pilsen from German occupation by the U.S. at the end of WWII. First celebrated in 1990 after the fall of the Soviet Union, people now travel to this festival from all over the world. Every year the city of Pilsen goes back in time to 1945 and celebrates with festive parades that include a convoy of military vehicles, 1940’s era jazz concerts, commemorations and reenactments.

“With the events in the world today, celebrating liberation and freedom has never felt so important, and the opportunity to pour our own Prince of Pilsen in Pilsen and to brew a beer called Pilsen Liberation with the original pilsner brewery is an honor unlike any other in my nine years of running Three Taverns,” notes Purcell.

After the festival weekend filled with pub tours and tank pours of Pilsner Urquell, the boys from Three Taverns returned to Atlanta and immediately started planning for the release of their own version of the Pilsen Liberation beer. It will be released on June 4th at both Three Taverns brewery locations. For this special celebration and beer release, Three Taverns will be pouring the beer at both locations in the traditional Czech method via the newly installed Czech-made Lukr side pull taps and serving the beer in dimpled Euro-style mugs printed with the Pilsen Liberation logo. The brewery will be selling these mugs in addition to other Pilsen Liberation-themed items.

The beer will be available for purchase at both locations in limited release 16oz. 4-pack cans.

The cans were designed by Metaleap Creative to reflect the historicity of this important event and will forever have a home at Pilsner Urquell as the cans will be added to their storied archive collection at the brewery in Pilsen. After the celebration at Three Taverns on June 4th, limited amounts of the beer will be sent to market in both draft and 16oz. package form.

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