Three More Iron Hill Beers Set to Put in Cans

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant will boldly usher in 2018 with the release of three canned offerings within a few months, all vividly designed and creatively packaged in 16-oz. cans, bringing ever more of the scratch brewery’s popular beers and expanding portfolio into conveniently portable packaging.

On Thursday, January 11, Iron Hill’s much-anticipated winter 2018 lineup will roll out with the release of cult favorite, Rising Sun: single-hopped IPA with the intensely tropical Sorachi Ace.

For the first time in the brewery’s 21-year history, Iron Hill will place year-round emphasis on their canning program by releasing at least one canned beer every month. Rising Sun will be the first canned offering in 2018, followed by Bedotter (February 8) and Ore House IPA (February 22), with more fresh beer coming out throughout the year.

· Rising Sun is an American IPA that is single-hopped with Japanese Sorachi Ace for unexpected notes of lemon and coconut in a light, well-balanced beer with a nimble hop kick
· Bedotter is a traditional Belgian-style golden ale with complex aroma and notes of plum, spice and banana balanced by refreshing bitterness
· Ore House IPA is a Golden IPA with a balanced hop bitterness and wonderful citrus and pine aroma and flavor, weighing in at 6.5% ABV

All three cans will feature fun new designs from Pittsburgh, PA’s Smith Brothers Agency, the latest in an ongoing series of collaborations between the brewery and the firm, including other favorites such as Crusher, Mahalo, Apollo!, Vienna Red Lager, Pig Iron Porter, Pumpkin Ale and Oktoberfest.

The design project was an intensely collaborative process, with both creative teams delving deep into the history of the Iron Hill brand and designing each label to perfectly suit the top-notch grains and juicy hops inside the can.

· The Rising Sun can embraces the Japanese Sorachi Ace recipe and was inspired by the iconic Japanese woodblock prints from the 1800s. The sun evokes the lightness of the liquid inside, with the crashing wave representing a slight hop kick; together, the symbols show how perfectly balanced the beer is.
· Bedotter is a Belgian Tripel and the word translates to “trickster” in Flemish. The use of a jester on this can depicts both the playful nature of the beer and origin of the word. Iron Hill’s jester is precariously balancing three ales, showing the beer’s balance of fruity flavors and notes of yeast, while patterns of malt grains dance in the background on festive circus tents.
· Ore House IPA is one of six beers in Iron Hill’s Signature Series. All signature beers have a linear sketch of the brewing process wrapped around the can, with a colored band around the bottom alluding to the flavor profile. Each can is stamped with the autograph of one of Iron Hill’s head brewers.

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