Avery Announced Limited Summer Release: Paws & Claws IPA

Avery Brewing Company, an innovative craft brewery in Boulder for over 25 years, announces Paws & Claws IPA as their new summer Limited Release. This hop-forward and dank IPA unites classic West Coast IPA hops with the juicy haze of New England IPAs.

Avery Brewing Company’s roots go deep with IPAs. Since the inception of GABF gold medal winner Avery IPA, Avery’s brewers have explored hop varietals and dosing techniques to develop hop-forward masterpieces that defy categorization.  With Paws & Claws IPA, Avery’s brewers used this extensive experience to create a new style that refuses to pick a side.

The best of two infamous IPA styles join forces in Paws & Claws IPA, resulting in a brand-new style that’s all its own. Adam Avery and the brewing team’s goal was to combine new school dry hopping techniques and classic west coast hops to create a whole new flavor experience in an IPA.

When asked about the idea behind Paws & Claws IPA, Avery said he and the team were looking for a balance that would give us “the zip of west coast hops with the more tropical and melon notes of hazy IPAs.” The brewers leaned into this drinkability by finishing Paws & Claws IPA at 50 IBUs.

“We’re constantly told to pick a side,” said founder Adam Avery. “But we think that’s dumb. Instead of feeding the hazy vs. clarity war, we created Paws & Claws IPA to bring people together.”

Paws & Claws IPA will be distributed in six-packs of 12-ounce cans for a limited time beginning in late March.

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