Tastes Like Flowers Returns this Spring for Creature Comforts

In celebration of the return of Spring, Creature Comforts will release its annual Saison made with local flowers this April. The Saison will release from the brewery’s taproom on April 17.
Tastes Like Flowers is a 6.3% ABV Saison made with local roses, yarrow, marigolds, and chamomile. Inspired by the awakening of Spring and the Belgian tradition of adding flowers to a Saison, Creature Comforts worked with the UGArden to source the flowers to add to this beer. Creature Comforts brews and releases this beer around the same time each year. The flavor is light, slightly acidic, dry, and floral with a rotating floral impression depending on the year.

“Tastes Like Flowers is meant to be a celebration of Spring and the beginning of the harvest and growing season,” said Director of Wood Cellar & Mixed Fermentation Blake Tyers. “The amount and varieties of flowers will change every year as both reflect the growing conditions, weather, and the farm’s harvest. The year-long process that goes into making this beer allows the flavor of the flowers and our house culture to fully integrate. The Spring of 2020 was a bountiful harvest for our flowers. We were able to pick more of all the varieties we used in 2019, and we even added rose petals to the mix this year.”

Tastes Like Flowers will be available in 500mL bottles from the brewery’s taproom on April 17. For more information on Creature Comforts, visit www.creaturecomfortsbeer.com.

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