Stone Selects Flagship Stone IPA as the Canvas of Fan Art

Stone Brewing revealed the first of a series of limited edition Stone IPA cans, which feature interpretations of the iconic Stone gargoyle. The company’s flagship brand and a masterpiece of its genre, Stone IPA now celebrates its most passionate fans with the Stone IPA Guest Art Series.

The ongoing series infuses new layers of artistry to a beer that’s been renowned for its bold and finely balanced flavors. Its tropical, citrusy and piney hop character have undoubtedly defined the West Coast Style IPA. Now Stone directs focus to the can. Limited Edition Stone IPA Guest Art Series cans have been inserted at random throughout six-pack, 12-pack and 24-packs. Currently 6 separate designs can be discovered at random in California, and more to come later this year with national distribution.

Of course, the subject of artistic interpretation was clearly defined:

Gar • goyle (/’gaːrgɔɪl/) n. A fearsome stone figure that has powers to ward off evil spirits. Our Stone Brewing gargoyle wards off cheap ingredients, preservatives, pasteurization & apathy…the modern day evil spirits of beer!

The Stone Gargoyle has been an artistic collaboration since Day One. Alongside the original artist, Co-Founders Greg Koch and Steve Wagner were heavily involved in creating the character we see today. In the same spirit, each of the artists who contributed to the Stone IPA Guest Art Series collaborated directly with Koch to ensure the Gargoyle maintained its essence while becoming completely their own.

“This has been an incredibly invigorating project,” said Koch. “The enthusiasm from the artists has really been infectious, and has given me the privilege of experiencing a wide range of interpretations of our protective hero. What’s more, the sheer enthusiasm from folks can be understood in the stories they tell about what our brewery and beer mean to them, and we’re stoked to be able to share those stories on each of the cans.”

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