Rogue Teams with Brew Dr. Kombucha Once Again for Kulture Clash

Rogue Ales & Spirits and Brew Dr. Kombucha, two Oregon fermenters, have combined an imperial blonde ale from Rogue and Brew Dr.’s Clear Mind kombucha to create Kulture Clash Clear Mind. The almost other-worldly kombucha and beer hybrid is available nationwide for a limited time starting April 1.

“We loved last year’s Kulture Clash so much we knew we had to do something with Brew Dr. again this year,” says Rogue President Dharma Tamm. “Our imperial blonde ale rounds out the mint and sage notes of the kombucha. The combination creates a really delicious spring beer.”

Opening with bright notes of citrus, Kulture Clash Clear Mind has subtle flavors of rosemary, mint, sage and green tea. The beer kombucha hybrid is incredibly smooth and perfect for incorporating into a self-care Sunday routine, whether it’s a spring hike or a relaxing afternoon off.

“The image of Otis the sloth levitating and meditating on the front of the bottle embodies how we like to feel every day, but especially on Sundays,” says Matt Thomas, founder and CEO of Brew Dr. Kombucha. “He’s so mellow and serene, and after drinking Kulture Clash Clear Mind, so are we.”

Available in 750ml painted bottles nationally through April, Kulture Clash Clear Mind is the perfect accompaniment to any kind of self-care.

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