Perrin Releases Trail Ales Variety 12-Pack

Perrin Brewing Company announces the arrival of Trail Ales Variety 12-pack, which offers both beer and hard seltzer in order to please the palate of anyone who crosses your path. Trail Ales is now available at the Perrin Pub, and soon to be distributed statewide.

Most things are better outdoors, particularly good drinks and good company, so Perrin’s brewers created the perfect pack for outdoor adventures. Trail Ales redefines trail mix, offering something for beer and hard seltzer lovers alike.

The pack includes the following:

  • Perrin Blonde Porter (5.8% ABV): Light blonde in color and full in flavor, Blonde Porter is brewed with oats and wheat for a full, creamy body, aged with coffee and chocolate for a rich, roasted aroma and robust finish.
  • Rewired, Lemon Raspberry Hard Seltzer (5% ABV): Sweet, sun-ripened raspberry fuses with fresh, tart lemon for an electric flavor combination.
  • Perrin Black Ale (5.8% ABV): Crisp, flavorful and light in body, Black Ale pours dark as night, but drinks like a summer afternoon.

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