Perrin, Moon Bowls Work Together to Give Away Custom Ceramic Pint Glass

At Perrin, we are proud to work with local makers to support small businesses through the Craftsmanship Series, a series of videos celebrating Michigan artists and their stories.
Our latest featured artist is Grand Rapids ceramic artist Baylie Mooney, owner of Moon Bowls online store. This week, we are working with Baylie to give away a custom, handmade ceramic pint glass, along with a $50 gift card to the Perrin Pub. The contest runs through May 24.
Visit Perrin Brewing’s instagram page for more information. 
“Shopping local is incredibly important. Once you put money into local businesses and people in your community, it flows from there. Once you put it in, it will come back tenfold. They appreciate it as much as you appreciate what you’re getting from them,” said Baylie.
Baylie uses skills from her engineering background to determine the sizes and structures of her one-of-a-kind pieces, which are available for purchase on etsy.
You can see Baylie’s Craftsmanship Series story here, and click here to visit her instagram page. Perrin Brewing was founded on liquid craftsmanship, so we’re proud to showcase local creators who dedicate their lives to hand-crafted goods and services across all industries. From our craft to yours, we’d like to say “cheers” to our local artisans!

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