Oregon Brewers Guild, Von Ebert Announce Mashing Barriers Intern

Earlier this year, the Oregon Brewers Guild announced the launch of their new Mashing Barriers Internship Program, focused on creating better employment access into the Oregon craft brewing industry for underrepresented individuals. Over the past two months, a subcommittee of the Guild’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee has been interviewing applicants and has officially selected their first intern, Jessica “Jess” Hardie.

“It is exciting to finally see the hard work and dedication put forth into creating this program come to fruition and to know that we are doing everything we can to help bring positive and necessary change to our industry”, said Christina LaRue, Executive Director of the Oregon Brewers Guild. “We had a total of six individuals who interviewed for the internship with Von Ebert, all of which were outstanding candidates, making our decision difficult, but in the end we feel we made the right choice. ”

“We had a very strong pool of applicants for our launch of Mashing Barriers”, stated Madeleine McCarthy, brewer at Von Ebert Brewing and member of the OBG DEI Committee. “I’m thrilled that we garnered so much interest, and I think Jess will be a fantastic representative not only for the Guild, Von Ebert, but the Oregon Craft Beer community as a whole.”

Jess recently made the decision to leave her high pressure role in the video game tech industry to explore new employment options. She comes to the program with over eight years of homebrewing experience and a true passion for the craft beer industry and community.

“Mashing Barriers spoke to me not just for the program itself and what I’m going to be learning over the next few months, but the community that this is going to build with each new intern selected”, stated Jess Hardie. “Before long we’ll have a group of BIPOC folx in the beer industry, brewing up new ways to open doors that have historically been closed to peoples in our communities.”

“I am so thrilled for Jess as the first Mashing Barriers Internship recipient! She stood out among our candidates and I am so excited to see where her career in beer takes her”, shared Casey Helwig, Sales Manager at Imperial Yeast and Co-Chair of the OBG DEI Committee.

Jess will begin her twelve-week internship this April at Von Ebert Brewing in Portland and will follow a thorough program syllabus, created to offer her training and education across multiple facets within the brewery and craft brewing industry. 

“The Mashing Barriers internship is an amazing opportunity that I’m honored to be able to participate in”, shared Jess. “Not only will I be able to get direct hands-on experience with the Von Ebert team, but I’m really looking forward to visiting Crosby Farms, Imperial Yeast and Great Western and speaking to the people whose craft makes it possible to do what I love.”

For more program details or information on how you can support through donation, please visit the website https://www.oregoncraftbeer.org/mashing-barriers

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