Nutz & Voltz Brings a Shock of Coffee and Coconut to Highland’s latest Seasonal Brew

North Carolina’s largest native brewer is announcing the release of Nutz & Voltz — a porter with locally roasted coffee and toasted coconut. It is the latest addition to the brewery’s seasonal lineup. The beer is being distributed in 6-packs across the Southeast. 

Laura Beck, Highland’s Creative Design Manager said, “The name Nutz & Voltz is an ode to the jolt you get from coffee and a playful reference to the coconut flavor. We included thunderstorm iconography and also wanted to reflect the bold flavor of Nutz & Voltz with the brighter colorway and fun 90s retro vibe.”

At 5.8% ABV, Nutz & Voltz is full-flavored without being overwhelming. The roastiness of coffee marries with the toasted sweetness from the coconut in this porter. The beer was made with chocolate malt, midnight wheat, and flaked oats that give the beer a dark smoothness.

“These ingredients create a foundation for the coffee and coconut flavor to shine,” said Megan Rayfield, Highland’s Sensory Scientist. 

She continued, “We love collaborating with Dynamite Roasting to see what is exciting in the world of coffee.”

The beer will debut at the brewery on December 8th with a late-night coffee beer-fueled dance party and coffee, beer, and doughnut educational pairing on December 9th. Nutz & Voltz will be available at the brewery and at retail stores through the winter. To learn more about Highland’s newest brew, please visit

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