Mother Earth Enlists SoCal Muralist for Fresh Take on Newest Project X Release “Rail Jam’

Mother Earth is launching a new Hazy IPA this week; ‘Rail Jam’ is the next beer in their artist-inspired ‘Project X Series’. Typically known for more fanciful and even psychedelic vibes, the series has showcased some pretty abstract can art in recent history but is taking a right turn in favor of a more accessible format in the sketchy stylings of San Diego local, Matthew Perdoni.

The beer itself is a slight departure from Mother Earth’s hazies of the past as well. Mother Earth’s Director of Brewing Operations, Christopher Baker, and Vista Head Brewer, Bret Stitzman, collaborated on the recipe:

“Having followed the New England format for a few brews, which emphasizes a lactose-driven juiciness, we wanted to dial it back a bit on this one and give it a more subtle unfiltered appearance and focus on balance over excess. Utilizing an all-star lineup of Cashmere, Lemon Drop, Galaxy, and Citra Hops, Rail Jam’s strengths lie in its drinkability and sensory qualities, not necessarily in its appearance. ” – Chris Baker

Rail Jam HIPA is available in 16oz cans and on draft where independent craft beers are sold. Customers can search for it near them using Mother Earth’s beer finder at More info on the beer, artist, and Project X program are available on the brewery’s website. Customers are urged to visit their social media accounts for regular updates and breaking news.

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