Maui Expands Beverage Lineup With Craft Sodas

Following years of compliments and national awards for their Island Root Beer, Maui Brewing Company is very proud to showcase their new Island Cola and Island Ginger Beer to the product line. Craft beverage diversification is part of the company’s strategy with the expansion of their Kihei brewery. MBC plans to use these natural sodas as mixers for ready-to-drink canned cocktails later this year.
“We created Maui Brewing Company to bring authentic Hawaiian craft beer to visitors and residents. Island Root Beer was to offer something the non-beer drinker and keiki could enjoy when visiting. We’re very excited to now bring a killer Ginger Beer and delicious Cola that are wonderful alone and hold their own in a mixed drink,” states CEO and Founder, Garrett Marrero.

Maui Brewing Company sodas contain only natural ingredients. They have no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, and are naturally GMO free. Island Root Beer and Island Ginger Beer are naturally caffeine free. The soda line will be offered in each of the MBC restaurant locations, and can be found across the state in over 120 stores and 60 restaurants.

Visitors from the mainland often request Island Root Beer nearer to them. MBC has plans to roll out the sodas in markets currently offering their craft beers as soon as they can confirm the product’s shelf-stabilization. Currently all three sodas will only be available in Hawaii in 4-pack cans and draft; however, MBC is working to increase shelf-stability so that the sodas can be available in all markets where their beer is sold.

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