Magline, Inc. Celebrates 75 Years of Innovation, Quality and Value

Friday, August 26th marks the 75th anniversary of Magline being incorporated. The history of lightweight magnesium and aluminum-based products produced by Magline over the years has been very diverse. Today, the Magliner brand portfolio is exclusive to equipment used for material handling, focusing primarily on tools to assist moving up to 1,500 pounds by person rather than machine.

Built on a legacy of innovation, quality, and value, Magliner remains the leading brand within route delivery of soft drinks and water, beer and other craft beverages, food service products and parcel deliveries to businesses and homes. Beyond route delivery, Magliner products are prevalent in rental and entertainment business units, vending, packaged gas, manufacturing, warehousing operations, home delivery of appliances and other large items, retail merchandising and product management, and many other niche applications.

“Over the years, one thing has been consistent with our go-to-market strategy; we provide value to our customers by working with them to develop solutions that meet their material handling needs and solve problems within their operations”, states Greg Ecker, Magline’s President and Chief Operating Officer, “Many products in our portfolio are the direct result of collaboration efforts with industry end-users.”

These Are The Things We Carry

“Our flagship products, including legendary two-wheeled hand trucks, available in over 4,000,000 configurations, and the original Gemini® convertible hand truck that celebrated its 50th birthday last year, are more than industrial tools”, cites Paul Adler, Magline’s Director of Marketing, “These USA-built products are an extension of men and women throughout the globe that rely on their Magliner to get the job done, day after day.” The story behind Magline and the iconic Magliner brand can be seen here:

Celebrating 75 Years

Magline’s 75th Anniversary celebration will officially kick-off on August 26th with an on-site celebration event. Over 250 employees, family members, suppliers and neighboring businesses are expected to attend.  Special promotions will be rolling out through the end of the year to many of the Magliner brand sales channels.

Looking beyond the first 75 years, the vison of the company will remain very focused; to make work easier and safer by delivering professional grade moving and lifting equipment supported by world class customer service.   

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