We Love Craft Beer!

There are so many great aspects of craft beer today. Although the resurgence may have begun in the 1980s, what we have seen over the last decade has been inspiring.

It’s become easy today to find new, creative and innovative beers that truly touch the soul. I know, sort of cheesy, but if you love craft beer, but grew up in a highly industrial beer culture, you completely understand my passion.

However, where I get excited is when I find really great brewers like Andres Araya, the founder of 5 Rabbit in Illinois.

Araya was dreaming of craft beer before he even really knew what craft beer was. What’s so great about his dream is that he craved something different. His creativity and love of beer, was pulling him in a new direction.

Garrett Oliver, the brewmaster at The Brooklyn Brewery in NYC, said it best when he compared craft brewing to that of a musician. Believe it or not, before I launched The Brewer Magazine I spent more than 20 years behind a drum kit, and dabbled slightly in song writing. From my many interviews with brewers around the world, I can say that the brewing mastery and creativity is extremely similar.

In the past several months, some of the beers we have tasted from breweries of all sizes has been remarkable. At the end of this week we have a great interview coming your way that will discuss a Peanut Butter Oatmeal Stout of all things. All we can say is stay tuned, and don’t knock it until you try it!

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